Monday, June 7, 2010

My First Post!!

Hello there!  Just thought I'd create a blog for my Magnolia's nice to have a place just for these cute little stamps!

Here are two of my first paintings...I've used Distress Inks and Stickles Stardust for accents.  This is so much fun!!! 


  1. Hi Mary Ann, you did a beautiful job on coloring your Magnolia and your water bucket, now to just put them in a card setting and you will be set to go... I am sure they will be gorgeous...
    Hugs, Jean

  2. Mary Ann, your coloring is wonderful. I haven't tried Distress Inks yet but the more I see them the more I am inspired to try them. I look forward to seeing your first card....

    Hugs from Canada~

  3. MaryAnn, I just love your colors. I need to learn how to use distress inks! This is all new for me! Hoping you wouldn't mind, I printed a copy of your maggie off to use for the front cover of "My Maggie" notebook of collectibles. I wrote your name in the bottom right corner with your blog address. It will be my inspiration so someday my "maggies" look like yours. I absolutely love this princess in your pinks! Thanks...I'll be popping in often - I love "maggies" and I love quilting! Hugs, Debi